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Teleports(tp) are used to travel far distances within an island or between islands. A PvP-Flag prevents usage of tp routes to other islands, but still allow inner island teleporting.

There are fixed Teleports that can be used by everyone and mobile teleport devices that can be carried within cargo and deployed on the terrain.

After using a teleport, there is a short cooldown for the agent teleporting until the agent can teleport again. This cooldown is usually 30 seconds.

Fixed Teleport

The routes of a fixed tp can be checked by opening the map. This route cannot be changed by players, if several routes are available from one tp, you can select your destination. Tp routes on Gamma islands need to be unlocked before they can be used. After one player unlocks them, the route is open for every player. Locked routes are greyed, while open routes are white on map

Mobile TP Devices

A mobile TP device needs to be carried with in cargo and can be deployed on the terrain, but needs to be 1000m away from a fixed Teminal and 1000m away from other deployed mobile tp devices. After deployment a timer runs until the first agent can use the tp (~2 min), after each tp a shorter timer is running until the tp can be used again (usually 30sec, for emergency tp 10sec). The tp device will vanish ~10 mins after deployment regardless how often it is used. Mobile tp beacons can be used by every member of the squad of the agents that deploys the beacon.

An inner island tp allows to tp to every fixed tp destination within that island regardless, if there is any existing route towards that island. An inter island tp beacon allows to reach every tp destination within 30.000 km regardless of island. A teleport beacon can be attacked and destroyed on beta and gamma islands.

The following mobile tp devices are available:

  • Standard teleport beacon is the cheapest
  • Armored tp beacon has more hp and is hard to destroy
  • Emergency tp beacon has the same initial timer until it can be used first time, but allows usage every 10s after each performed tp
  • Inter Island tp allows to select one destination within 30.000 km. After first teleport all other users can only jump to same destination