Passable slope

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Passable slope is a parameter of robots given in degrees which describes the maximum terrain slope over which the robot can pass. There are three values of passable slope: 56°, 51° and 45°.

A terrain overlay showing the different slopes is available. The 'L' key is the default key to access slope capability overlay and will cycle through the 4 different settings.


Slope capability overlay showing current, all and structures settings

Off: No slope capability is displayed

Current robot capability: Overlays impassable terrain for your currently active robot by means of a white bordered, diagonally filled box. The colour of the fill will depend on the slope capability of your current robot.

All capabilities: Overlays impassable terrain for all slope capabilities. Impassable for your current robot is outlined with a white border. Impassable for 56° capability robots have a white overlay, 51° capability robots have a dark blue overlay and 45° capability robots have a light blue overlay.

Structures: Overlays areas unsuitable for deploying MPC structures as well as impassable terrain for all slope capabilities. Areas unsuitable for MPC structures are overlayed in yellow.