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Any doubt about the strength and staying power of Thelodica as one of the major nations of Nia can be resolved with one look at a Seth. A sturdy juggernaut wielding light and flame like a demigod, the Seth is the Thelodican answer to the Mesmer, should the Nuimqol ever become too dominant on the strength of their mech and heavy mech weapons against the Pelistal. While still a machine focused on selling a service, the Seth are very well-paid to remain loyal to their Thelodican masters.


CPU performance -- TF
Seth ~ Heavy Mech Combat
Maximum targets -- pcs
Locking range -- m
Locking time -- sec
Sensor strength -- Hw^(3)
Ammunition reload time -- sec
Armor -- HP
Accumulator capacity -- AP
Accumulator recharge time -- sec
Reactor performance -- RP
Chemical resistance -- Points
Seismic resistance -- Points
Kinetic resistance -- Points
Thermal resistance -- Points
Surface hit radius -- m
Missile guidance failure --%
Passable slope --°
Top speed --km/h