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Heavy Mechs is a term used to describe the fourth, and currently final tier of Combat Robots most pilots will eventually start using a Heavy mech after upgrading from a Mech, currently no form of EW Heavy Mech exists, and the standard heavy mech requires Basic Robotics four, Advanced Robotics four, and Racial Robotics eight. Mark Two Mechs instead require Racial Robot Control ten. Heavy Mechs are the only bots with bonuses to run Nexus Modules.

Pelistal Heavy Mech

The Gropho is the Pelistal Heavy Mech, specializing in Missile DPS and Shield absorption.

Thelodica Heavy Mech

The Seth is the Thelodica Heavy Mech, specializing in laser DPS.

Nuimqol Heavy Mech

The Mesmer is the Nuimqol Heavy Mech, specializing in magnetic DPS and armor repair.

Industrial Heavy Mech

The Lithus is the Industrial Heavy Mech, specializing in Industrial hauling.
The Riveler is the Industrial Heavy Mech, specializing in Mining.
The Symbiontis the Industrial Heavy Mech, specializing in Gathering.

Syndicate Heavy Mech

All Syndicate mechs have better signal masking and detection than their counterparts of the same class, firearm bonuses, and surface size bonuses.

Callisto: Ewar mech.

Daidalos: Transport mech with defensive and offensive capabilities.

Echelon: Combat mech specializing in firearms.