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Upgrade extensions so that more advanced ones become available

Extensions play a significant role in character development. Since an Agent character is a virtual form, personal development can only be possible through installed programs, or as they are officially called: extensions.

Every time you install a new extension, or upgrade an installed one, your remote-controlled avatar will be more professionalized in that activity. Learning a new ability is an instant act. You click on the install or upgrade button, you own the extension.

Installing the first level of each extension will cost you some money (to buy the software) and some extension points. Installing further levels will cost you only extension points.

To view an extension's description, just click on the blue information button near the extension.

Extension points

In Perpetuum, the character development does not depend on completed missions or killed enemies. You automatically get extension points, if you have a valid account. The rate of extension point flow is 1 point/minute, and no matter if you log in and play or not, you will receive points.

Each account owner can create up to 3 different characters, but the extension points stay common. If you spend 100 points out of 1000 on your first character, 900 points remain for all 3 characters to spend.

Extension categories

Corporation management

To start your very own business, you need to create a new corporation, employ other Agents, manage relations, financial issues, and so on. The head of a strong corporation needs to be an expert of these extensions.


Become the expert of electronic warfare modules or upgrade the CPU and other electronic devices on your robot.


Install these extensions to use engineering modules, armor and shields more efficiently.

Weapon usage

Use your weapons more efficiently, enhance your turret (firearms, lasers, magnetic weapons) and missile launchers parameters (damage, rate of fire, range, etc.). If you want to inflict damage on an enemy, this is your category.


Nian industry includes the process of refinement, developments and manufacturing as well. For that reason, a stupendous range of extensions are available.

NEXUS management

By equipping the so-called NEXUS modules, Agents will gain greater benefits when working together in a squad. Such extensions improve the effect of these NEXUS modules.


In Perpetuum, one means of gaining income is the completion of assignments. The Relations category deals heavily in working with these assignments: increasing the number you can run simultaneously, the amount you are paid for running them, and even increasing the amount of appreciation the group that gave you the assignment has for your work, while decreasing the dislike of their competitors!

Robot piloting

Nian robotics slightly differ from Terran military vehicles, Agents need extra knowledge to drive them well.


By becoming an expert of Nian commerce, you can reduce the amount of taxes and fees of market usage, and you can post more buy and sell orders running at the same time.

Material extraction

The basis of Nian industry: covers everything from geology to plant harvesting and the exploitation of different specific raw materials.

Extension downgrading

After you have created your first character on your account, you will have 30 days to redesign your characters' extensions . Downgrading an extension means that both the money and the EP you have spent on the extension will be refunded. This process, however, has some limitations:

  • It’s not possible to downgrade below your initial extensions.
  • It’s not possible to downgrade an extension level which is a prerequisite for another extension that you have.
  • You can't downgrade an extension that has reached level 7, only below.
  • You can downgrade only 5 extension levels in 12 hours on your whole account. If you wait a while you will be able to downgrade again.

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