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Agent Profile Icon

Creating your first agent (or Character) is very easy and this guide is designed to help walk you through the process.

The choices you make during the agent creation process will give you a headstart in your chosen career path but don't worry if you change your mind on what you want to do. If you do want to change your area of expertise it's best to not delete your agent as deleting an agent will cost you Extension Points. It's a much better idea to simply change what your agent learns to suit what you want to do rather than starting over.

You start the character creation process by designing what your agent will look like and then either choose your prefer style of game-play or choose a more advanced character creator to fine tune your agent.

Creating the appearance of your agent

Here is where the portrait of your agent is created. Once created, this picture is permanent and will be your avatar when communicating with others. After selecting a preset design there are a variety of ways you can modify your agent’s appearance using the bars around the portrait. You can also rotate the camera with the mouse by holding the right mouse button or move the eyes by holding the left mouse button.

Image of Agent Avatar creator

Choosing your starter career

You can either choose to use a preset character design for your agent which will mean you start with all the basic extensions needed to begin your chosen path or you can choose to use the advanced character creation system for a more unique style of play.

Picking a preset career

There are four preset careers available for you to choose from:

Tactical-Range Combat Specialist

Tactical-Range Combat Specialist Faction / Megacorporation: Pelistal Empire / Truhold-Markson
Preferred Weapon: Missile launchers
Preferred Defense: Shields
Electronic Warfare Expertise: Energy warfare
Starting Location: New Virginia

Short-Range Combat Specialist

Short-Range Combat Specialist Faction / Megacorporation: Nuimqol Union / ICS
Preferred Weapon: Magnetic weapons
Preferred Defense: Armor repair
Electronic Warfare Expertise: ECM
Starting Location: Attalica

Long-Range Combat Specialist

Long-Range Combat Specialist Faction / Megacorporation: Thelodica Clan / Asintec
Preferred Weapon: Lasers
Preferred Defense: Armor Plates
Electronic Warfare Expertise: Sensor suppressing
Starting Location: Daoden

Industrial Specialist

Industrial Specialist Faction / Megacorporation: Any
Preferred Weapon: Running away
Preferred Defense: Hiding
Electronic Warfare Expertise: None
Starting Location: New Virginia or Attalica or Daoden

Creating your agent (And their name)

Naming your agent is important as the name cannot be changed once you have created the agent.

You should choose a name that you'll enjoy being called or referred to as and it is recommended to not use your real name when naming your agent.