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Online customer support

If you have any problems with your account or the Perpetuum client, you can create a support ticket on the Perpetuum website, under account management:

Our GMs are checking these tickets regularly, and you can also keep track of their status on that page.

If you can't login with your account, or you prefer emailing us, you can also contact us at our support address:

If you're not writing from your Perpetuum account's email address, please don't forget to mention it in your mail!

Errors and their meanings

Wrong user name and/or password

  • You have probably made a typo in your email or password. Remember to watch for lower/uppercase letters and check if caps-lock wasn't turned on by accident.
  • If you can't remember your password, you can have it re-sent to your email if you visit this page on the Perpetuum website (only works if you're logged out on the website too).

Your account has expired

  • To play Perpetuum after the initial 15-day trial, you need to purchase a subscription code at our store.
  • If you have already purchased a code, please remember to redeem it on your account.

Email address / Account not confirmed

  • The email address you used to register for Perpetuum has not been confirmed yet. Please check your mailbox for our confirmation mail and click the link inside it to complete the confirmation process.

Server is offline / Server is starting up

  • Most of the time this means that the server is down for a scheduled maintenance or patching. You can see the reasons and the estimated time for the downtime on the login stripe below the server status, or on the website.

Currently only admin users allowed

  • This usually happens when the server is down for maintenance or is being patched. When you see this error it means that we're performing final testing and the server will be open again in a short time.

You have logged in from another computer

  • This usually means that your previous session was interrupted in an abnormal way and your latest login attempt cleared it out, so you can try again. This is normal, but when you get this error too often (and you see other weird things going on) there is a chance that someone else gained access to your account. In this case please contact our support email and we'll check on it.