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Production is the process of turning raw materials obtained through mining and harvesting into modules, robots, ammunition and charges. The process requires the use of the various facilities found at terminals, outposts and player built colonies.

To start building an item a calibration template (CT) must be installed into a factory facility and the necessary components must be present in the players private storage. The commodities are obtained through refining raw materials at a refinery or recycling items at a recycling plant. A calibration template is obtained by combining an item or, for tech levels higher than T1, a prototype item with a decoder at a reverse engineering facility. Calibration templates for Mark 2 robots can only be obtained by artifacting. A prototype item is obtained by combining commodities and, in most cases, fragments and a lower tech level item in a prototype facility. The ability to prototype an item is obtained through research which is completed by researching kernels obtained from NPCs. Prototypes are also available on the market or, more commonly, through the trade channel.