Iopis-II velocity NEXUS module

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Velocity NEXUS

Networked Extension Utilization Systems, or NEXUS modules were designed to enhance the performance of certain robotic parts and thus provide a greater performance when Agents are working together in a squad.

Velocity NEXUS modules raise the maximum speed of all squad members within the issuer's effect range. Higher module efficiency can be achieved by installing the appropriate NEXUS extension.

Note: an Agent can only be affected by up to 3 different NEXUS modules at the same time and only by 1 of each type (the first one, if there are more).


CPU usage 88.00 TF
Reactor usage 36.00 RP
Slot Head
Type Active
Mass 10.00 kg
Packed volume 0.10 U
Technological level T3
Volume 0.20 U
Accumulator consumption 360.00 AP
Cycle Time 10.00 sec
Default effect radius 100.00 m
Top speed modification 5.00 %