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Every facility has 'Production Points' ranging from (0 to 375), shown in each facility window at the top right corner as material ratio, time ratio, discount ratio or efficiency increase. Production points determine the efficiency of the facility, the more production points the better its efficiency. Alpha islands (Safe islands) have a maximum of 50 points, Beta islands(PVP) have a maximum of 125 points and Gamma islands(PVP) 375.

Note that facilities are not the only factor effecting efficiency. Calibration templates (CT)(Factory only) Relation ratio (Faction Standings) and extension points (EP) all add up your production points, that determines your agent's efficiency. You can find out the breakdown of all production points by hovering cursor at the top right corner of any facility window, where the production points are shown.

List of facilities

Special facilities only available through the Modular Private Colony system: