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Frequently asked questions


  • How can I increase bot speed?

=> 1. Remove unused equipment or use lighter equipment versions, 2. Use lwf, 3. Use faster bot instead. 4. Use a Speed Nexus

  • Are there any possibilities to modify cargo size?

=> There is no module modifying cargo size. You need to choose other bot. MK2 version of bots have larger cargo bay.

  • How can I increase reactor/cpu of a bot

=> 1. There is a module for each of both 2. Look for extension "Data Processing" / "Reactor Expansion" 3. There are several extensions to reduce CPU or rector usage of certain modules

  • Is there a main trade hub?

=> No there is no single main trade hub. Check "all markets in range" in market window to see where you get your equipment. At the moment Hershfield and Tellesis islands have the best markets for advanced stuff.

  • If I log off without being in the terminal will i get blown up?

=> If you use instant logoff (either by coice in logoff button or by closing game) your bot will remain a few minutes on terrain in which time it might get blown off. If you use safe logoff you have a counter of 60 seconds (alpha) or 120 seconds (beta/gamma) in which you stand on terrain, with active client and counter running down. After Countdown is gone, you log off, with bot instant removed from terrain, so nothing could happen. Attention Save-Logoff-Timer can be interrupted by doing anything yourself or getting locked.


=> Your standing for a Megacorp will rise with each fullfiled assignment for that Megacorp. Level 1 assignments require standing better than 1.0, level 2 2.0, level 3 3.0 and so on until level 6 assignments.

  • How do "Squad assinments" work?

=> A squad assignment is a normal assignment and performed the normal way, only exception is that a win of standing and NIC will be shared among all squad members. That sharing is performed before applying extensions modifying that.


  • What standing will be useful for using facilities

=> Facilities use the standing of the Megacorp that owns the terminal on alpha/beta islands. On Gamma islands the standing from the terminal owner towards you is used instead (+10/+5/0).

  • Do I need to research ammo/charges to be able to produce it?

=> No, ammo and miner/harvest charges can be produced by getting a CT with Reverse Engineering a stack of 1000 (1250 for laser ammo)

  • Do I need to research T1 Modules to be able to produce it?

=> No, T1 can be produced by getting a CT with Reverse Engineering.

  • Is it reasonable to produce my own Ammo for a Fighter?

=> Usually not with an Agent that is dedicated Fighter and spend no EP in production extensions. Buying on market will be usually cheaper than producing your own Ammo. There might be a break even when producing large quantities (>>50.000), this depends on actual ammo prices and prices for commodities.