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Icon of the Decoder lab

The Decoder lab is a facility that produces higher level decoders by combining lower level ones. This Facility is only available on the Modular private colonies (MPC), on Gamma islands.

Two Decoders of the same level are needed to produce one of a higher level. The source decoders are lost during the process and produces one level higher decoders. For instance, two 'level 1 decoders' would produce one 'level 2 decoder'. Open the Decoder lab window and drag the decoders of your chosen level , select the amount of 'new' decoders needed, if the maximum number shown are not required. This process will cost you a certain amount of money (NIC), but that amount can be cut down by improving certain ratios, specified below.

It is possible with enough low level decoders to produce level 10 decoders by repeating the same process several times.

Facility ratios

Additional parameters that affect your total efficiency.

  • Relation ratio - Improve this factor by reaching a good relationship with the owner of the facility.
  • Discount ratio - Cheaper decoder processing can be had by training the Decoder combination extension.
  • Facility used - Same as all other facilities, the higher the production points the cheaper it is to process decoders.

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