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Icon of the Calibration lab

The Calibration lab is a facility to combine two calibration templates (CT) that produces the same item, in order to obtain one more efficient CT. This Facility is only available on the Modular private colonies (MPC), on Gamma islands.

Since all calibration templates deteriorate and also expire with extended usage. A Calibration lab is an excellent solution which can combine two low point CTs into a single higher production point CT. This process takes time and money (NIC), but price and time taken can be cut down by improving certain ratios, specified below. The end product depends also on the two Calibration templates used and the efficiency ratio. Once completed, Result CT will drop on your private storage.

Facility ratios

Additional parameters that affect your total efficiency.

  • Relation ratio - Improve this factor by reaching a good relationship with the Specific faction Gamma Island.
  • Time ratio - Decrease time taken and Costs with the 'Calibration lab: Time efficiency' extension.
  • Efficiency ratio - Increase the end result CT with th 'Calibration lab: CT Efficiency' extension.
  • Facility used - Same as all other facilities, the higher the production points the better CTs you can make.

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