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Assault Robots are the second Tier of Robots that are larger and better armed than their Light Robot cousins. These robots require Basic Robotics four, its respective Racial Robotics extension at four, and Combat Robot Specialist one in order to be operated by a pilot. The more advanced Mark2 variants boast additional enhancements over their standard counterparts and require Racial Robotics six and Hi-tech Robot Specialist one in addition in order to be operated.

The line of Industrial Robots from Nian Industrial Trust follow there own set of extensions a pilot must learn in order to operate them that are typically separate from what is required to use robots used for combat. These robots require Basic Robotics four, Industrial Robot Control four and Industrial Robot Specialist one to be used.

Advanced Mark2 robots boast extra leg/head slots, increased maximum targets and cargo at the expense of added mass.

Pelistal Assault Robot

Waspish: Assault Robot specialized in missiles with an additional bonus to locking speed and shield absorption.

Waspish Mk2: Extra bonus to damage.

Thelodica Assault Robot

Baphomet: Assault Robot specialized in lasers with an additional bonus to critical hit chance and accumulator capacity.

Baphomet Mk2: Extra bonus to damage.

Nuimqol Assault Robot

Arbalest: Assault Robot specialized in magnetic weapons with an additional bonus to turret falloff and demobilizer resistance.

Arbalest Mk2: Extra bonus to damage.

Industrial Assault Robot

Sequer: Assault Robot specialized in armor tanking with an additional bonus to signal masking, accumulator capacity, and demobilizer resistance.

Sequer Mk2: Extra bonus to demobilizer resistance.

Syndicate Assault Robots

Cronus: Jack-of-all resource gatherers, it has bonuses for bot mining and harvesting. This is the only bot designed for resource gathering, but is not biased to one resource type. It is also the only assault class gatherer.

Hermes: Artifacting bot with some active defense/offense capability, speed, and cargo

Locust: Combat assault robot, specializing in firearms with small surface size, but slow speed compared to other combat assault class robots.