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[[Category:Pelistal robots]]
[[Category:Pelistal robots]]
[[Category:Light robots]]
[[Category:Light robots]]
[[Category:Electronic Warfare robots]]
[[Category:Electronic Warfare robots]]

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Troiar ~ Light Electronic Warfare

Even amongst the Pelistal, Troiars are viewed with suspicion. They represent the eyes and ears of the Ictus, and beyond them, the masters of the Pelistal Empire. Swift and secretive, a Troiar on the battlefield ensures two things: first, that the endurance of the bots facing the Troiar’s forces will be tested, and second, that the Pelistal Empire itself has taken an interest in what you are doing.


CPU performance -- TF
Maximum targets -- pcs
Locking range -- m
Locking time -- sec
Sensor strength -- Hw^(3)
Ammunition reload time -- sec
Armor -- HP
Accumulator capacity -- AP
Accumulator recharge time -- sec
Reactor performance -- RP
Chemical resistance -- Points
Seismic resistance -- Points
Kinetic resistance -- Points
Thermal resistance -- Points
Surface hit radius -- m
Missile guidance failure --%
Passable slope --°
Top speed --km/h