Standard small miner module

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Miner module

A single miner module consists of two main parts: a seismic generator and a high-performance laser. The generator shakes up separate ground layers with multi-frequency waves, then the laser heats up the remaining debris, causing valuable materials to emerge in plasma-like form. This process makes mining possible in high-pressured and ultra solid layers.


CPU usage 40.00 TF
Reactor usage 30.00 RP
Ammo/charge type Miner charges
Slot Industrial
Type Active
Ammo/charge capacity 45 pcs
Mass 400.00 kg
Packed volume 0.50 U
Technological level T1
Volume 1.00 U
Accumulator consumption 17.00 AP
Cycle time 15.50 sec
Optimal range 30 m

Required extensions

Extension Level
Extensive mining 1