Recycling plant

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Icon of the Recycling plant

Recycling plants are facilities to be found on most bases. Here, you will have the opportunity to convert items back into their components (basic industrial commodities).

The process of recycling is simple: each item you currently own is listed on the left side of the recycling window. Select the items you want to recycle by clicking on the box next to it. After you select an item, the commodities you will get back appear on the right side of the window. Don’t be alarmed by the high wastage values –recycling, even in the future, is still a very difficult process! Damaged items can also be recycled at a lower efficiency than fully repaired items. Use the repair shop first to get the most out of your recycling, bare in mind there would be a higher (NIC) cost than just recycling damaged items, so use the repair shop wisely.

You can also choose select all as well as deselect all to make recycling an easier and faster process. After you have selected the items to dismantle, click on the recycle button to perform the action. Gained commodities will be transferred to your private storage instantly.

Recycling of rare ores/plants as well as recycling of assignment ores/plants will result in the appropriate Raw_materials instead of commodities.

Facility ratios

Like all facilities, the efficiency depends on facility level, which will be 1 on alpha, 2 as maximum on some alpha outposts and alpha2 terminals range up to 4 on beta and might be even higher on gamma.

Additional parameters that affect your total efficiency.

  • Relation ratio - Improve this factor by reaching a good relationship with the owner of the facility.
  • Material ratio – You can get more out of recycled materials with the Recycling Extension.