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Prometheus ~ Light Combat

While most of the Thelodican clan possesses a certain degree of refinement - or at least detachment - from the somewhat dirty nature of their work, the Prometheus revels in it. The Nian equivalent of the “goon” or “legbreaker,” more than one Thelodican debt has been collected by a group of Promethean “negotiators.” Capable of dealing with Yagels directly and fading into the distance behind an Intakt’s support when faced with the Empire, the Prometheus is the front line of Thelodica, and more than happy to fulfill that role.


CPU performance -- TF
Maximum targets -- pcs
Locking range -- m
Locking time -- sec
Sensor strength -- Hw^(3)
Ammunition reload time -- sec
Armor -- HP
Accumulator capacity -- AP
Accumulator recharge time -- sec
Reactor performance -- RP
Chemical resistance -- Points
Seismic resistance -- Points
Kinetic resistance -- Points
Thermal resistance -- Points
Surface hit radius -- m
Missile guidance failure --%
Passable slope --°
Top speed --km/h