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Exceptional energy output and defense capabilities - two traits that turn this heavy mech into an indispensable powerhouse on the battlefield. The Metis is the holy grail of remote support, which usually makes it a primary target in the eyes of enemy commanders.

Fitting Slots

Type Size Quantity
Industrial Small/Med 2
Industrial/Misc. Small/Med 3
Turret/Missile/Misc. Small/Med 1
Head 6
Legs 6


Extension Level Required
Syndicate industrial robot control 8
Advanced robotics 4
Industrial robot specialist 4


Effect Bonus Extension
Accumulator recharge time 3% Advanced robotics
Armor repair amount 3% Advanced robotics
Engineering modules cycle time 3% Advanced robotics
Surface hit size -0.30 Industrial robot specialist
Armor hit points 1% Syndicate industrial robot control
NEXUS modules accumulator usage 9% Syndicate industrial robot control


Mesmer ~ Heavy Mech
Accumulator capacity 3800 AP
Accumulator recharge time 360 sec
CPU performance 600 TF
Reactor performance 1200 RP
Armor 5500 HP
Chemical resistance 45 pts
Kinetic resistance 45 pts
Seismic resistance 45 pts
Thermal resistance 45 pts
Surface hit radius 13.00 m
Interference emission 8.00 B
Interference minimum 90.00 B
Interference peak 405.00 B
Interference radius 400.00 m
Locking range 230.00 m
Locking time 12.50 sec
Maximum targets 6
Missile guidance accuracy 90 %
Sensor strength 100 Hw^(3)
Signal detection 70.00 rF
Signal masking 70.00 rF
Accumulator stability 10.00 pmr
Ammunition reload time 10 sec
Cargo capacity 21.00 U
Mass 60000.00 kg
Passable slope 45 °
Top speed 66.60 km/h
Volume 43.00 U