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Welcome to Perpetuum online Wiki, your online resource for Perpetuum that anyone can edit.

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Light Robots · Assault Robots · Mechs · Heavy Mechs · Heavy Gliders

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Wiki discussion · Perpetuum website · Kill board · Perpetuum tools · Zortargs Perpetuum Guide

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All things Perpetuum · Common Abbreviations · Formulas · Getting Started · FAQ · NPC Ranks · Extensions

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Ammo and Charges · Equipment · Raw Materials · Commodities · Containers · Industrial Implements · Field Implements · Field Devices · Colony Structures

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Forums · Third Party Tools · Fan Sites · Tech Support

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Nia · Islands · Map · Terminals & Outposts

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As you can see this is very much work in progress, but with your help, we hope this will soon become our definitive game guide.

Editing guidelines

ATTENTION: If you really want to create your own user's page, use the link under your user at the top of the page or click here instead of creating a main wiki page!

Also, vandalism will be awarded with a wiki-ban, if this hasn't been self-explanatory. This also includes trolling the User:-pages of other players.