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It is said that there are two things the Pelistal’s enforcer, the Tyrannos, fears - the corruption of the Ictus, and the wrath of the Kain. The Nuimqol Union developed the Kain after a series of engagements in which the Empire was able to hammer down the Nuimqol with brute force; the Kain was their answer. Fast enough in crossing broken terrain to beat the Pelistal’s missile advantage, and violent enough at close ranges to crush the Pelistal’s shields, the Kain has, since its arrival, been a markedly equalizing - if not destabilizing - influence in the war between the Union and the Empire.


CPU performance 300 TF
Kain ~ Mech Combat
Maximum targets 5 pcs
Locking range 275 m
Locking time 12.5 sec
Sensor strength 120 Hw^(3)
Ammunition reload time 10 sec
Armor 2600 HP
Accumulator capacity 2300 AP
Accumulator recharge time 420 sec
Reactor performance 900 RP
Chemical resistance 30 Points
Seismic resistance 150 Points
Kinetic resistance 45 Points
Thermal resistance 10 Points
Surface hit radius 8 m
Missile guidance failure 10%
Passable slope 45°
Top speed 49.5 km/h