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[[Category:Pelistal robots]]
[[Category:Pelistal robots]]
[[Category:Electronic Warfare robots]]
[[Category:Electronic Warfare robots]]

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Ictus ~ Mech Electronic Warfare

Earth’s closest analogy to the Ictus are the dark assassins of medieval Catholic church - secretive, plotting, humble, and terrible when met in anger. The “touch” of the Ictus is something feared by the Nuimqol and Thelodica equally, and even Syndicate Agents who control the Ictus say that a certain chill sits in their bones for days after.


CPU performance -- TF
Maximum targets -- pcs
Locking range -- m
Locking time -- sec
Sensor strength -- Hw^(3)
Ammunition reload time -- sec
Armor -- HP
Accumulator capacity -- AP
Accumulator recharge time -- sec
Reactor performance -- RP
Chemical resistance -- Points
Seismic resistance -- Points
Kinetic resistance -- Points
Thermal resistance -- Points
Surface hit radius -- m
Missile guidance failure --%
Passable slope --°
Top speed --km/h