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Help! Just started playing today, I am lost don't know where to start or what to do?

Welcome to the Perpetuum project!

This is a sandbox game , if you come from another sandbox MMO like the famous spaceship game, you will understand this style of play, others will have a harder time to get a grasp of the basics. Having no guidance whatsoever is annoying, but can be very rewarding, once you get the hang of this play style. The freedom to choose your path or career and the effect it has on all other players in the game world, is the best gaming experience I have encountered.

Basically you are free to do whatever you like; gather resources, combat (NPC) or other players, manufacture or play the market to your advantage by buying low and selling high. There is no right or wrong way of doing things, it's up to you, there are better ways to earn wealth at a faster rate, but that does not mean it's the most enjoyable way to play for you. The market is completely player driven and almost everything you buy on the market has been built by other players.

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At the very start, I would strongly advice to finish the basic tutorial. You can restart the tutorial by click on: Player profile ( 3rd button from the left corner of the screen) then at the bottom you will find tutorials, restart all sections and complete them all, redo them if necessary. After you are familiar with the basics move on to the training assignments. Enter your starter terminal and click 4th button from the right corner will open the assignment window.You will notice training assignments highlighted in blue, complete all those you will learn much more about the game and get much better robots.The training will help you decide what else to do and what you enjoyed the most.

Team up with other new players will make anything you do so much easier, combat can be hard solo. Set some goals you will like to achieve and stick to it, it's rewarding and motivates you to learn more about the game, like for example reaching level 3 assignments, getting your first million NIC or just killing a player . The other more long term goals which are really hard to complete like learning all the research, can take a year or more, but within a corporation and pooling research, this can be achieved much faster.

Although the is no right or wrong way to play and it's all a matter of preference, there is still a need for guidance and getting the most out of the game and build some wealth is important. That is where other more experienced players can help. So the best decision you can make is, join a helpful player corporation. Don't worry if you still not sure what aspect about the game you like the most, you can always leave a Corporation whenever you want if you think they are other Corporations which follow your interests or has more player on your time zone.

To join a corporation go to the recruitment channel , let them know you are new to the game, and would like to join a corporation which welcome new players. Corporation leaders will be able to invite you instantly in their Corp, if they so choose. Most corporations will offer you some starter gear and robots to get you started or at a reduced market price. Once in a corporation be willing to ask for help, most players are helpful, they might also need help with assignments, gathering resources or killing other agents, and that is the essence of player made content. In good Corporations, rewards will come if you are willing to help them.