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[[Category:Light robots]]
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The Helix is a good all-rounder when it comes to electronic warfare. While it may not be the toughest bot around, combining a light chassis with an assault-class undercarriage makes it probably the fastest.


Syndicate Combat Robot Control 3
Basic Robotics 3
Electronic Warfare Specialist 1


Effect Bonus Extension
Accumulator recharge time 3% Basic Robotics
Accumulator usage 3% Basic Robotics
EW strength 3% Basic Robotics
Sensor suppressor accumulator usage 3% Basic Robotics
Surface size -0.10 Basic Robotics
Signal Masking +2 Electronic Warfare Specialist
Firearms cycle time 1% Syndicate Combat Robot Control


Castel ~ Light Combat
Accumulator capacity 350 AP
Accumulator recharge time 120 sec
CPU performance 170 TF
Reactor performance 220 RP
Armor 725 HP
Chemical resistance 45 pts
Seismic resistance 45 pts
Kinetic resistance 45 pts
Thermal resistance 45 pts
Surface hit radius 3.00 m
Interference emission 5.00 B
Interference minimum 100.00 B
Interference peak 350.00 B
Interference radius 100.00 m
Locking range 350.00 m
Locking time 12.50 sec
Maximum targets 4
Sensor strength 110 Hw^(3)
Signal detection 75.00 rF
Signal masking 120.00 rF
Accumulator stability 4.00 pmr
Ammunition reload time 10 sec
Cargo capacity 3.00 U
Mass 6000.00 kg
Passable slope 56 °
Top speed 129.60 km/h
Volume 12.00 U