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These are the alpha islands on Nia.

There are 2 types of Alpha Islands:

'Alpha one' islands all have a terminal and 3 outposts, this is where novice players start the game depending on the faction of their choosing during agent creation. All NPCs in this island don't attack other players unless shot at (Orange NPC). These islands are Daoden, New Virginia and Attalica. They are all connected via Teleports to another alpha 1 and alpha 2 island.

'Alpha two' Came at a later date during game's live development with the need for more space for players to roam, they only have one main terminal. NPCs are harder and some shoot you (Red NPCs), if you get too close. Resources are more abundant in these islands, with a full rack of 50 production points for all facilities at their main terminal. These island are Shinjalar, Hershfield and Tellesis.

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