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When the schism between the Nuimqol and the Pelistal first emerged, it was the Vagabonds that kept the Nuimqol alive. The Vagabond commanders first devised the skirmish tactics that now drive the Pelistal to a fury, and Vagabonds led the creation of the Kain. Even the design of the Vagabond itself shows the tendency towards flexibility and improvisation in their nature, and it is that nature which has led the Nuimqol to overcome great odds so far.

Fitting Slots

Type Size Quantity
Turret/Misc. Small/Med 2
Turret Small/med 1
Head 5
Legs 3


Extension Level Required
Nuimqol robot control 7
Advanced robotics 3
Electronic warfare specialist 3


Effect Bonus Extension
Armor repair amount 3% Advanced robotics
Demobilizer accumulator usage 3% Advanced robotics
ECM accumulator usage 3% Advanced robotics
EW strength 3% Advanced robotics
Sensor suppressor accumulator usage 3% Advanced robotics
Signal masking +2 Electronic warfare specialist
Magnetic weapon cycle time 1% Thelodica robot control


Vagabond ~ Mech
Accumulator capacity 2400 AP
Accumulator recharge time 360 sec
CPU performance 450 TF
Reactor performance 600 RP
Armor 1250 HP
Chemical resistance 30 pts
Kinetic resistance 45 pts
Seismic resistance 150 pts
Thermal resistance 10 pts
Surface hit radius 7.00 m
Interference emission 7.00 B
Interference minimum 105.00 B
Interference peak 375.00 B
Interference radius 200.00 m
Locking range 350.00 m
Locking time 12.50 sec
Maximum targets 7
Missile guidance accuracy 90 %
Sensor strength 125 Hw^(3)
Signal detection 100.00 rF
Signal masking 100.00 rF
Accumulator stability 10.00 pmr
Ammunition reload time 10 sec
Cargo capacity 7.50 U
Mass 15350.00 kg
Passable slope 45 °
Top speed 97.20 km/h
Volume 16.00 U