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Phisker 30PW medium HCL laser

Modern jammers use upgraded digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) technology. After recording enemy radar waves, the ECM - based on Doppler-effect - sends back false signals to the emitter sensor. In case the decoding is successful, the ECM 'freezes' the enemy targeting computer, hence the hostile robot will have to start the targeting process again.


CPU usage 55 TF
Reactor usage 25 RP
Targeting equipment
EW strength 30 Hw³
Type Active
Slot Head
Technological level T1
Mass 150 kg
Packed volume 0.25 U
Volume 0.50 U
Accumulator consumption 75 AP/cycle
Cycle time 10 sec
Optimal range 300 m

Required extensions

Extension Level
Jamming electronics 1
Data processing 3

Affecting extensions

Extension Effect Value
(per ext. level)
Jamming electronics Increased EW strength 3%

Affecting modules

Components and manufacturing

Item Quantity For manufacturing For prototyping
nolink Axicoline 50 50 500
nolink Chollonin 100 100 1000
nolink Cryoperine 100 100 1000
nolink Polynitrocol 50 50 500
nolink Titanium 50 50 500

Note: these are "perfect" values. Actual values depend on relevant extensions, facility efficiency, CT efficiency, and faction relations.