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The Riveler is the Industrial most held in respect by the combat bots of Nia. Capable of gathering the raw materials of war more effectively than any other platform, their cost to build and maintain still cause them to be viewed as an indulgence, rather than a necessity. All the same, a group of Rivelers harvesting a chunk of terrain has an impact like no other, and every Nian nation respects that bottom line. If you can afford its services, the quiet effectiveness of the Riveler is without peer.

Fitting Slots

Type Size Quantity
Industrial Small/Med 2
Industrial/Misc. Small/Med 3
Turret/Missile/Misc. Small/Med 1
Head 4
Legs 5


Extension Level Required
Industrial robot control 8
Advanced robotics 4
Industrial robot specialist 4


Effect Bonus Extension
Mined amount increase 3% Advanced robotics
Miner module cycle time 3% Advanced robotics
Passive chemical resistance +3 Advanced robotics
Passive kinetic resistance +3 Advanced robotics
Passive seismic resistance +3 Advanced robotics
Passive thermal resistance +3 Advanced robotics
Mining/harvesting module CPU usage 1% Industrial robot control
NEXUS modules accumulator usage 9% Industrial robot control
Accumulator stability 2% Industrial robot specialist


Riveler ~ Heavy Mech
Accumulator capacity 3250 AP
Accumulator recharge time 360 sec
CPU performance 450 TF
Reactor performance 800 RP
Armor 3000 HP
Chemical resistance 30 pts
Kinetic resistance 45 pts
Seismic resistance 45 pts
Thermal resistance 45 pts
Surface hit radius 11.00 m
Interference emission 4.00 B
Interference minimum 75.00 B
Interference peak 340.00 B
Interference radius 200.00 m
Locking range 210.00 m
Locking time 12.50 sec
Maximum targets 4
Missile guidance accuracy 90 %
Sensor strength 85 Hw^(3)
Signal detection 75.00 rF
Signal masking 95.00 rF
Accumulator stability 8.00 pmr
Ammunition reload time 10 sec
Cargo capacity 21.00 U
Mass 40750.00 kg
Passable slope 51 °
Top speed 75.60 km/h
Volume 31.00 U