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Prototyping facility window

A Prototype facility is used to create prototype items. Prototype items are superior to their non-prototyped versions and exist for T2, T3 and T4 items. They are also necessary for reverse engineering T2, T3 and T4 calibration templates. Prototyping a T1 item will produce only a T1 item and since most T1 items, robots, ammunition and charges can be obtained through market seeds, drops from NPCs and artefacting it is a very rare set of circumstances that would require prototyping a T1 item.

To prototype an item open the prototype facility window from the facilities drop down icon in the top right of the screen. This is only available when docked. With the "manufacturable items" tab selected, use the top left panel to filter items that appear in the bottom left panel. Selecting an item in the bottom left panel will display the required components, manufacturing time and manufacturing cost in the right panel. Make sure the required components are in your private storage and click the manufacture button.

By clicking on the "monitoring" tab you can see a list of all your current prototyping jobs, how long they have left until completion, at which terminal or outpost they are installed and, in the bottom left corner of the window, the number of available prototyping slots used and available to you at your current terminal or outpost.

The components and time required are affected by the total number of prototyping industry points available to your character and depend on facility at the terminal or outpost, extensions and relations. The number of points you have is displayed in the top right corner of the prototyping window and the factors which make up that total can be viewed by hovering the mouse pointer over this number. The percentage figure in brackets represents the progress your character has made towards the maximum number of points achievable and is NOT an indication of efficiency of the facility.

Formula and Extensions

The formula for calculating the amount of commodities and fragments required is:

ROUND (Base Components * 10 * (1 + (1/ ((Points * 50) + 2))))

Extensions that improve prototyping are: