Niani lightweight frame

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Lightweight frame

This item once belonged to the mysterious Niani civilization. The only way to obtain Niani items is to search for artifacts.

Cable networks inside the robotic chassis add up to a relatively large mass. The applied module reduces the weight of the robot by replacing regular cables, artificial joints and frame elements making the armor slightly thinner. Lighter robots of course have a higher velocity.

Lightweight frames will aggravate the effect of demobilizers.

Special Restrictions

Only one lightweight frame can be equipped on a robot!


CPU usage 8.00 TF
Reactor usage 4.00 RP
Armor hit points -27.50%
Demobilizer resistance -27.50%
Slot Legs
Type Passive
Mass 2.00 kg
Packed volume 0.25 U
Technological level T3-
Volume 0.50 U
Mass -25.00%