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Logging out can happen safely or instantly, but usually you want it to be safe.

Safe logout

If you don't want to approach a terminal/outpost to put your robot into safety and you are in a safe zone, click on the logout button and choose Safe. You have to wait for 60 seconds until the logout sequence is over.

Safe zones are areas where another Agent cannot attack you unless you turn on your PVP flag. Safe zones exist on all Alpha island territory. NPCs can do harm to you anywhere.

The same mechanism works for non-safe zones, but the timer is 120 seconds in that case.

If you log in again, your robot will be deployed onto the same spot where you logged out.

Instant logout

The instant logout process starts if you choose instant on the logout window, or when you close the game client, or when you lose connection to the server. In this case the server starts the same 60 or 120 second timers as above, but obviously you don't see what's happening to your robot and you can only hope that it's not killed until the time runs out, so this is very dangerous.

The 60/120 second timers can be prolonged indefinitely if a player or an NPC attacks you while your robot is still on the terrain. This is tied to the "in combat" status, normally indicated by the flashing red lights on your robot status panel. Once the "in combat" status ends (15 seconds after last aggression), the logout timer starts normally again. The logout timer is cancelled of course if you log back in.

If you have an active PvP flag, instant logout stops all your active modules.

AFK (Away from keyboard)

The game will automatically disconnect your character if the server doesn't get any info of activity related to you for 30 minutes. This activity can be on your behalf, such as using a module, locking someone or just moving your robot. An alternate way to reset the 30 min countdown is when another player locks you, or activates a module on you. Be careful not to leave your robot in any area where it can be destroyed by enemies!

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